Stephen Taylor – SJT

Editor. Typographer. Coder.

Builds and edits documentation sites; designs and implements editorial workflows.

Sharp, clear writing.

Ten years in sales, marketing, and project-management roles.

Former editor of his professional association’s journal.

Teaches and podcasts on vector programming languages.

Hosts a technical conference series.


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I build, write, and edit using anything from hand-coded HTML and CSS to source-code management systems, static-site generators and GitHub or GitLab with CI/CD workflows.

I built, wrote, and edited for KX and converted the company’s documentation workflows to Markdown under Git source control.

I also design and typeset documents for printing.

Tools Bash, CSS, DocBook, Dyalog, Git, HTML, Hugo, Jekyll, JavaScript, JSON, kdb+, LaTeX, Markdown, MkDocs, Node, q, Python, RegEx, RenderX, SCSS, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, YAML.




I write clearly, accurately, and with punch.

Besides coding, my writing is supported by a degree in philosophy and psychology, and years in sales and marketing.

I am a careful listener, a thoughtful analyst, and a competent negotiator. For Kx Systems I agreed with the core team and users revisions to the vocabulary that made the q language reference possible.

Freedom from IR35

You and I define and agree a project. I work my own hours on my own premises and equipment, sometimes with apprentices.

We have no contract, you have no obligation to provide me work, and I do not need access to your systems or premises.

My service cannot be characterised as “disguised employment“, and you have no liability under IR35.

In 1998 I registered Lambent Technology Ltd to provide my services, In 2009 I read “Some reflections on company law reform” and closed the company. I am a sole trader.

Freedom from IR35

I guarantee my work

I guarantee my work

If my work ever falls short of good value, I need to know. Right away.

Discount the total on my invoice to the figure you consider correct. (Even zero.) Pay that, and tell me how to improve.

Your explanation will be worth more to me than the discount.