What we do

Minimum technology for early results

Less is more. A small team can win where a large one fails.

We solve business problems in environments where change, uncertainty or simple time pressure defeat conventional planned software development.

We have particular expertise in financial services and in print and on-line publishing.

We use minimum technology to produce early results and stay nimble.

The less code in the software, the softer it is.

Nothing you need is “out of scope”. We work always on the feature you want next. We know your priorities can and do change at short notice.

Our holistic approach to developing software gets developers and users collaborating closely. For example, in November and December 2005, four developers and six expert users wrote and released 200 changes to a running system supporting hundreds of users.

We love to remove features, to simplify. We are always happy to show you how to manage with less or with simpler software.

Best of all, we like to see you winning.


Software is a constant battle against complexity.
— Eric Evans

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